Celebrate to KANGLONG for 18 years

Firstly, we celebrate the 18th year of KANGLONG.

During 18 years accumulation, development and experience, we have build the long-term cooperation ship with the customers from all over the world by our working attitude on seeking truth from face, sense of responsible for what we are doing and the guidance of sustainable development.

Our products were popular for the quality, physical properties and after-sales service.

1.For raw material, we check the items one by one to match the order requirements.

2. Pickling to show the small crack and grinding to remove the small crack in case of enlarge during course of cold-drawing or cold-rolling.

3. Lubrication and Roast, the good or bad of the appearance is decided by the proportion of lime and industrial grease. Meanwhile, mixed fully till there is no oil droplets.

4. Cold-drawing or Cold-rolling according to the size; Cold-drawing has a less size reduction compared with cold-rolling. As for the process, it will depend on the size to make.

                     -- The pipes are waitting for cold-drawing --

                                       -- The pipes are cold-rolling --

5. Deoil or Pickling, deoil and pickling is not the same, the process of deoil is the half-finished pipes after cold-drawing or cold-rolling. The process of pickling is the finished pipes after cold-drawing or cold-rolling.

6. Annealing for half-finished or finished pipes. The stable temperature taking by the five thermocouples to monitor the temperature at anytime.

7. Pickling, we take fully closed pickling system, and effectively control the concentration of acid.

8. After cut according to the requirement, we will do the destructive & non-destructive tests according to standards and extra experiment which the customers required.





Destrutive Tests

                          -- Chemical composition Inspection--

                                                          -- Physical Properties Tests--

                                              -- Samples for Physical properties--

                                     -- Corrosion Resistance Test--

                                    -- Observe the phase of Crystal--

                                             --- Charpy Test--

                                            -- Value of Charpy Test--

Once you choose KANGLONG, that means, the pipes you buy enjoy the life-time warranty under the right usage enviornment.

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