Why the same process, different products?

As the industry product, the process of stainless steel seamless pipe is nearly the same.
However, why we the same process, we can see the different appearance. We can conclude after we use them!
We will introduce our process step by step
1. We buy directly from the round bar plant, Yongxin, Tsingshan and Anhui Fukai for their high class products;
2. We do the punching in our sub-contractor who has the muture skills in piercing in Huzhou, Zhejiang;
3. When all the piercing bar come to our plant, we will do the witness inspection and do fully grinding to get rid of the little crack caused by punching;
4. The piercing bar will be pickled. The concentraction of pickling solution and time in solution are the point. This can show on the appearance and the test of Intergranular corrosion.
5. For the pipe need to be cold-drawing, we need to do a head for the pipe. 
6. Lubrication
7. Enlarge 
8. Annealing. We take the natural gas to anneal. The stable temperature, rotational speed and time in furnace are the point. Our experience make we can effectively release the stress during course of cold-drawing and cold-rolling by controlling to these three points.
9. All the finished pipe have to do size inspection, NDT test. In lab, Chemical Test and physical properties test will finish before the pipes into stockist.
Strict and seriouse attitude can make the good products.
Sense of Sincerity and responsibility can take the ease to our customers and promote the long-term cooperation!

Your choice to us will not be wrong!

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