The United States or the steel and so on a trade survey

After the sino - us summit, there were media reports that Mr trump will launch the first batch of concrete measures on China's trade. 
According to the American new media Axios, the trump government is committed to the implementation of a previous trade administrative order. Mr trump signed two executive orders on April 1, calling for a study of the causes of the us trade deficit and the dumping of other countries. 
According to the axios report, there are internal disagreements within the white house on plans for trade administration orders, but there is news:
Steel and aluminum will be targeted, and other products such as household appliances may also be targeted. If the survey results in a tariff increase, it could increase the price of some us consumer goods and hurt the share price of American companies that rely on cheap Chinese steel products. However, some American manufacturing companies may benefit. 
A white house official said it was part of Mr trump's rescue of manufacturing and reversing unfair trade operations. The United States government will act on the findings of the survey. The white house official said the us government may not do anything, but it may also take measures to impose additional taxes. That is, the action may be far greater than the content reported by the new York times on steel dumping. Currently, the United States secretary of commerce is implementing the executive order. The findings may come as early as the end of April. The axios said that if the investigation led to the punishment of foreign trade partners, it would be a huge victory for economic nationalists such as rural and miller. Goldman, meanwhile, is likely to oppose trade penalties.
According to the new York times, on April 7, after a meeting between China and the us, U.S government officials said Mr trump plans to sign an executive order to dump steel on the u s market. The tough move is aimed at China, which aims to reverse China's huge trade surplus with the United States. 
From April 6 to 7, president Xi Jinping met with the us - China head of state at president trump's president in lake zhuangyuantong, Florida. 
The new York times also quoted officials as saying Mr trump did not intend to pose the toughest threat to his campaign: a 45 per cent tariff on Chinese goods; Nor is it possible for the United States to identify China as a currency manipulator. 
Trade plan between China and the United States
In addition, wall street has seen the us business secretary, Wilbur Ross, announced on Friday a " 100 - day plan" that China and the United States will start a 100 - day talks on trade. 
Ross made this statement at a press conference for the us - China summit. " although ambitious, the pace of discussions between the two sides will change dramatically, which is also an important sign of the growing harmony between the two countries. " when asked about the important node of the" 100 - day plan ", Ross said the key was to talk about itself, but the main goal was to increase u s exports to China and to reduce the trade deficit. Ross also revealed that China has expressed interest in cutting trade surpluses due to its impact on inflation and money supply.

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