Stainless steel seamless prices are expected to rebound, spot market sentiment gradually stabilized

After the collapse of mid - March, the price of domestic construction of stainless steel has fallen to the price level at the end of last year, the profits of stainless steel seamless enterprise contract, and the market risk rapid release. At the safety Committee of the state Council, the safety accident of the company, the supervision of environmental protection department, Hebei province and other areas such as seepage pit pollution, the central environmental protection inspection team to notify the coal - related enterprises pollution, and so on, domestic stainless steel seamless pipe to the capacity and environmental protection management is expected to strengthen again, a strong rebound in the futures market, stainless steel seamless spot market sentiment gradually stabilized, the price is expected to fall back. 
This week building materials prices and last week's trend of basic convergence, the last half sharp decline, the next half a slight rebound. After last week's continuous drop, the market decline of stainless steel seamless pipe has not been relieved, the building materials continued to decline in the last half week. The production planning of stainless steel factory is high, the recent resources arrival rhythm is accelerated, the market supply and demand contradiction upgrade is the main factor affecting the price trend of stainless steel seamless pipe, market confidence is generally missing, the merchants are throwing goods, the low price resources appear frequently, the price further downward. The next half week in the futures, the steel billet rebound rebound, the local decline finally came to a conclusion, some of the low price resources to the high level, the market mentality has improved, the shipment has returned to normal. The price adjustment of stainless steel factory is in place, will be advantageous to enhance the merchant ordering enthusiasm. Building materials prices are expected to pick up slightly next week. 
So, next week the price trend of stainless steel seamless tube will change? Fixed assets and real estate investment accelerated growth in the first quarter, domestic stainless steel seamless pipe market demand is maintained high? March crude steel production reached a record high, will the market supply increase significantly? With a lot of questions, together into the current market analysis.
According to the stainless steel spot supermarket data, this week domestic stainless steel seamless prices fell overall, the next half of the market prices have rebounded. Black system futures and Tangshan steel billet prices fell sharply, the domestic other building materials market prices overall callback, combined with the local leading stainless steel factory price decreases, dealers panic, market prices and sharp falls; During the week, the market quotation continued downward; The next half week, with the billet price small increase, futures slightly upward, stainless steel seamless market prices gradually decline to stabilize. In the process of price decline, the downstream demand is weak, less than 30 % less than last week. On arrival, due to the early north - south price difference, after the ching Ming festival, the amount of resources outside and around the province began to rise. The market price of building materials is expected to remain weak next week. 
This week the price of domestic stainless steel seamless pipe fell sharply, except for a few stainless steel plants in the next half a small increase in the price, most of the non - fire pipe factory all week prices overall sharp reduction. Stainless steel factory to outlook is still more cautious. Recently, the maintenance of stainless steel production line increased, but the production of building materials is basically in full load, the sales pressure of stainless steel factory affected inventory began to increase passively. The stainless steel factory supply is ample, the price of the late stainless steel seamless pipe will produce a certain pressure. 
From the production situation of stainless steel factory, affected by the increase of output and the decrease of export, the market resources supply of domestic stainless steel seamless pipe increased greatly year - on - year, and the supply pressure increased.

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