The adjustment range of raw materials is limited to the Neutral bias effect of stainless steel welded pipe

This week the building of stainless steel market prices overall performance for a small increase, futures rose sharply, driving the market enthusiasm. In addition, the stainless steel enterprise inventory low, the price is obvious, and part of the market shortage of resources, more to the stainless steel pipe to the market price rise. After the last wave of price, the market price of stainless steel welded pipe entered a dilemma. 
Stainless steel welded pipe stocks remain low
At present, social inventory is low, this week stainless steel welded pipe social inventory was significantly down 9 % compared with the same period last year. The leading stainless steel factory has no obvious maintenance in June, and after the last wave maintenance, the environmental protection and maintenance of the leading stainless steel plant began to be produced. And the production of the early production of the situation, starting next week the supply of stainless steel plant will gradually increase. Short - term due to the low inventory of stainless steel welded pipe, the supply of steel mill slightly increase or impact, but in the off-season sales, the medium and long term market will form repression. 
The profits of stainless steel companies remain high
Next week, the stainless steel plant will have a proper replenishment of the warehouse, forecast the port spot demand next week, the deal will be warmer, but 304 stainless steel tube inventory is high, the price of repression. Low coke level, because of sufficient supply, so the stainless steel plant to control inventory, coke pressure is still obvious; After the price of cleaned coal in some areas has dropped, the effect on the market is limited, the enthusiasm of the downstream procurement is still not high, the stocks of coal enterprises continue to rise, the price continues to bear pressure. In the case of raw material weakness, the profit of short - term stainless steel welded pipe will remain relatively high.
The mindset of traders
With the high price of stainless steel welded pipe market, the terminal purchase began to reduce, the market business mentality is obviously weakened, more than half of the business mentality is weak, and the situation is generally increased. And the current market 1 - 2 business inventory low, but the wait-and-see price, low purchase intention. However, with the concussion of futures, the business mentality is not stable, but from the perspective of the overall market of stainless steel welded pipe, the market has the release of fear of heights. 
Comprehensive analysis to see, the current stainless steel welded pipe market straddle the intersection, but smoothing to see the current market straddle the situation. First, the stainless steel welded pipe inventory was significantly lower than the same period last year, but the overall pressure is not large. There is purchase demand in the market, together with the demand for the Preganglionic and holiday release, to form a support for the short - term stainless steel welded pipe market. The inventory is at the lido. Second, at present, the high profit situation of stainless steel enterprises to see the short-term difficult to have obvious changes, but with the support of raw materials is weak, the cost of down, the market support weakened. But the raw material adjustment range or will be limited, so the stainless steel welded pipe spot market influence neutral bias. Finally, the change of traders mentality, the traders mentality performance, most of them are afraid of the current price of fear of heights, resulting in short-term pick up, hoarding willingness to maintain a low. Summing up all the above factors, stainless steel welded pipe prices or will maintain shock consolidation, the market will be affected by the low season price formation repression.

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